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  Erler Design provides complete coordination of all aspects of design to ensure that the resulting home is harmonious and consistent. This includes the landscape, home design, exterior trim, interior trim and furnishings. Integrated design management is what separates truly beautiful homes from merely expensive homes. For example, the Gamble House, which is widely regarded as one of the finest Arts & Crafts homes in America, was designed by the Greene brothers in 1908 with a singular aesthetic vision. This approach avoids dissonant designs that are all too common in homes today.

James Erler | From Engineering to Arts & Crafts
Mr. Erler has had a lifelong interest in the Arts and Crafts movement and Greene and Greene in particular. He grew up in a period Arts and Crafts home outside of Los Angeles, not far from several Greene and Greene homes, including the Gamble House. His other interests include piano performance and composition, classical music, science and engineering. After earning undergraduate degrees in physics and chemistry, and a graduate degree in optical engineering, he spent 20 years managing the development of advanced optical and electronic systems. However, the need for creative expression brought him back to Arts and Crafts homes and their design. In the 1990s he became actively involved in the restoration of older homes and, more recently, the design and construction of Arts and Crafts inspired homes.

Building Loblolly House
Mr. Erler managed the design and was also the general contractor for Loblolly House, a Greene and Greene inspired home. With the help of a art historian, who is also the interior designer for the house, Mr. Erler designed the exterior and interior trim, some furnishings and lighting, as well as elements of the hardscape. An architect assisted with the layout the house, exterior elevations and engineering. A landscape architect provided plans for water management, bedding areas, paths and patios. Throughout construction, local craftsmen studied the work of the Greene brothers, enabling them to contribute to the design process.

Beyond Greene and Greene
After extensive study of the Greenes, and building Loblolly House, Mr. Erler developed a deep understanding of how to design and build structural and decorative elements to the Greene and Greene aesthetic. Erler Design applies the same approach to the work of other period architects, while ensuring that adaptations for modern lifestyles and construction standards remain consistent with the Arts & Crafts tradition. Our objective is to create homes that period architects would recognize and embrace as modern adaptations of their work.

Erler Design Partners
The specialized skills and talents of licensed professionals, interior designers and artisans are essential to the design and construction of an art-inspired home. Independent partners of Erler Design support our vision for creating an artful, harmonious homes. While some of our partners work nationally, others cover specific regions. Our partners include: licensed architects and engineers, interior designers, custom millwork shops, stained glass artisans, woodworkers and custom furniture makers.

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